History: Edith Frank

Edith Holländer was born January 16, 1900 into a German Jewish family. Her parents were Abraham Holländer and Rosa Stern who were successful business people. The family was originally from Amsterdam, but started making there way to Germany around 1800. Edith had two older brothers and one older sister; however her sister died at 16 due to appendicitis. In 1924 she met Otto Frank and they were married in 1925; later she gave birth to two girls, Margot and Anne. When the Frank family had to movie to Amsterdam to escape the Nazis, Edith had an especially hard time adjusting. A family member said that she was German and didn’t feel at home living in the Netherlands. She didn’t learn Dutch easily and missed Germany. After the Nazis started to invade the Netherlands she went into hiding with her family. She lived 2 year with her family, the Van Pel’s, and Fritz Pfeffer(Mr. Dussel). After they were found and arrested; Edith was separated from Anne and Margot to be sent to a gas chamber. However Edith was able to escape this fate with a friend and hid in another section of the camp during Winter. Edith died of starvation in 1945, because she saved all her food for Anne and Margot. The camp was liberated 3 weeks later by the Red Army and her daughters were able to outlived her by one month.

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