History: Margot Frank

Margot Frank was the oldest daughter of Otto Frank and Edith Holländer and had one sibling, Anne. She was born February 16, 1926, in Frankfurt, Germany. Margot, like her sister also had a diary she wrote in, but as since been missing. Before Adolf Hitler became chancellor, she originally went Ludwig-Richter School in the Frankfurt suburbs. After the rise of antisemitism in Germany, she and her family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to escape. Before she had to go to a Jewish school, she went to an elementary in Amsterdam, where she got excellent academic results. In all, Margot Frank was said to be very clever and was respected, but she was also reserved, timid and obedient. She didn’t argue as much as Anne did, and had a better relationship with their mother. She was admired a bit by Anne for being clever and good looking, and was said to have wanted to be a midwife. On February 1945, Margot died of typhus and shock when she was 19. Her sister died soon after of the same causes. She was buried in a mass grave with her sister in an unknown location; however, a tombstone dedicated to both of them is in the former Bergen-Belsen Concentration camp in Germany. More on Margot Frank.

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