Random Facts #13

  • In Mexico placing two mirrors opposite of each other is considered bad luck because it is said to open a door for the devil
  • Sticking chop sticks straight down in a your food is unlucky in Japan because it resembles the number 4 which can mean death
  • It is bad luck to congratulate someones birthday before the day comes in Russia
  • It is forbidden to whistle indoors in Lithuania because it could summon demons
  • In Germany, cheering with a non-alcoholic beverage(water) is bad because it is a way to with death and misfortune to the people you are drinking with
  • In Japan, if your head faces North while you sleep it is bad luck because that is how they lay there dead to rest. While in Africa it is West.
  • Playing with scissors in Egypt is bad luck.
  • If you step in dog poop in France it is considered good luck as long as it is with your left foot and not your right.
  • Another Russian superstition is that if a bird poops on you or your belongings it is good luck
  • In both Egypt and Italy, owls are signs of misfortune and death
  • It is said that in Iceland knitting outside could prolong winter
  • Getting a hair cut in India on Tuesday can cause bad luck
  • In Russia giving your friend yellow flowers as a gift mean that you could be cursing them with infidelity.
  • Dripping water behind a person is good luck in Serbia
  • Walking backwards in Portugal is bad luck because you are showing the devil which way you’re going
  • In the UK and North America it id good luck to say “Rabbit Rabbit” or “White Rabbit” one the first day of the month.

Quotes from the internet

  • “Being cute is really hard because even when you are angry, people kind of giggle at you and say “Aww- your so cute when you are angry”. Like no, stop. Recognize my power.” – Hosuh from Danplan
  • “Work smart. Get things done. No nonsense. Move fast.” – Susan Wojcicki(CEO of YouTube)
  • “If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.” – Jack Ma(Founder of Alibaba
  • “Many pray for the ability to shut off emotions. All curse the fear endured when they finally come out.” – ? ? ?
  • “Don’t kill yourself, kill the part of you that you don’t like.” – Shane Dawson
  • “10 ways to love someone: Listen, Speak, Give, Pray, Answer, Share, Enjoy, Trust, Forgive, Promise.” – Will Smith
  • “Let yourself be the person you secretly always wanted to be.” – Troye Sivan
  • “Learn your weaknesses and fears. Embrace them. Then nobody will be able to use them”. – Sean William McLaughlin
  • “I’m exactly done, i did enough as I, uh, I’m done now. Thank you.” – Mark Fischback
  • “Don’t be a salad, be the best goddamn broccoli you could ever be!” – Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg


Night and Day,
The Suns way to stray away.
Spring and Fall,
Took to long.
Songs chime this very night,
Moons light is in sight from the roof above.
Now all that is left. . .
A single white Dove.

They sung their songs,
Fought for to long.
They were so strong.
Now it’s time to cease.
Pick up each scattered piece
Find peace.
Be there for your niece

Stories #3 (poems)

(Backstory: We found an assignment from when we were in about 3rd or 4th grade. The assignment was we had to write a poem with some kind of theme. We found a rough draft with different poems. We are open to criticism, just remember we were 8.)

Poem #1 (theme: Winter)

The water on the lake shivered as Winter’s breeze came, It stayed so it could play as children do on Summer’s day’s. Icicles formed as is came, Vanished as it went away.

Poem #2 (theme: Unknown)

Tik-Tok sings a broken Clock, Hands locked, roads blocked, Time Stopped. Days lost to the setting sun. . . No fun. Minds fight, try as they might, Darkness accompanies the night. So take flight, loss the endless fight, Say Goodnight.

“You’ll be alright”

Did you know #6

Did you know, that if you close your eyes and wave your hand in-front of your face, you can still see your hand? This is called Proprioception(also known as Kinaesthesia/the sixth sense), which is the awareness of the position and movement your body is in. Like if you were blindfolded and started moving your arms, you will know where your arms are in space. Even when you are walking, you don’t consciously look at your legs to move. Walking is a sub-conscious thing we do and learn when we are born. Proprioception allows us to do every day tasks such as walking, eating, picking things up and moving in general, but there are certain diseases/disorders that can disrupt this ability.However, these diseases/disorders can cause major problem for those inflicted it is very rare. (Read more) (Kinaesthesia)

Random Facts #12

  • Since a black hole’s gravitational pull is so strong that even light can’t escape, black holes would technically be invisible to people
  • Bone is five times stronger than mild steel
  • In 2012 over 1.3 billion people lived in China making it the country with the largest population
  • In China, if your grandparents are over 60, you have to by law, visit them
  • There are 54 countries in Africa
  • BMW is a German car company
  • The largest number in the world is a Googleplexian(1 followed by 100 zeros)
  • There are 9 different time zones in Russia
  • The first satellite was launch by the Soviet Union during the Cold War in 1957
  • The Cold War lasted from 1947-1991(44 years), but there was never any direct military conflict between the Soviet Union and the U.S.A.
  • Caffeine is considered a drug since it stimulates your body and gives you an energy boost
  • Sleep deprivation can cause a person to experience mood swings and memory lost
  • The creators of the Angry Birds app are from Finland
  • Canada is rich in zinc, nickel, lead and gold
  • Pesäpallo is the national sport of Finland
  • The country of Czechoslovakia split in 1993, becoming the countries of Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • French is the second most studied language in the world
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece, and Georgia share borders with Turkey
  • Troy was located in northwest coast of modern day Turkey
  • The Ukraine is the largest country in Europe(233,062 mi²)
  • Keiv is the capital city of Ukraine and around 2.8 million people made their home there