Random Facts #16

  • In Oulu, Finland there is an air guitar championship during the Oulu music festival
  • In Poland and the Ukraine they celebrate Easter by blasting each other with water
  • Cape Rain Frogs can inflate their bodies into round balls when they feel threatened
  • It is impossible to buy Coca-Cola in North Korea
  • Superman technically couldn’t officially fly till the 1940’s
  • During New Years, Balinese people spend 24 hours in complete silence(this is called “Nyepi”
  • In the Alps of Switzerland there is a finger pulling competition where the contestants try to pull there opponent across a table only using their finger
  • The unicorn is the official national animal of Scotland
  • Bees have been known to bit and sting other bees
  • Benjamin Franklin’s friend instructed an anatomy school and the bodies used in the classes were found in his basement
  • Most people in the world have an extra bone in their knee called the Fabella
  • There is a cheese chasing competition in Gloucester, England every spring
  • The goblin shark is a rare species of shark that is the only living relative of the Mitsukurinidae family
  • During WW1, the US army would use dogs to send messages back and forth(Rags, a mixed terrier was buried with military honors for his bravery during the war in Maryland)
  • During the Cold War both the USA and Soviet Union studied and trained dolphins to use in wars
  • Many children medicines in the 1800s contained Morphine
  • An officer named Kevin Briggs has saved more then 200 suicidal people by keeping them from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge
  • There is a Wife-Carrying Championship in Finland where the prize is the wife’s weight in beer
  • There is a strange drinking game in Sweden where you tie a pen to your waist and try to get the pen into an empty bottle only using your waist
  • It is good luck in Russia and the Ukraine to sit in one place for a few minutes before leaving for holiday
  • A fox makes a sound that is similar to a high pitched bark or scream

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