There once was this house on Tulip Hill 
Many people made their home in the house that sat on Tulip Hill
Until one day a small breeze blew in a bit of tumbleweed 
It planted its seeds and grew a forest of spiked trees
The hill now filled with thorns started to pile shards into the House of Tulips
Shards of glass cut like daggers at the tulips feet as they wept
Steadily this hill grew and grew with every shattered piece that found its place on the hill
In a blink of an eye this hill grew into a towering mangled mountain of monsters
Now standing in its place is this treacherous mountain of broken glass and sharp bladed grass
The house now home to fossils, seeds and tumbleweeds stood for good
Now the torn House of Thorns tells the tale of a house that once stood atop Tulip Hill

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