Random Facts #15

  • Around 42 million people celebrate Halloween world wide
  • The people in Latin America, Mexico and Spain celebrate a day similar to Halloween called Día de los Muertos(Day of the Dead) which is on November 2. Following after is a three day celebration that begins on the 31st of October as a way of honoring the departed
  • Halloween isn’t celebrated much in England and has been replaced with Guy Fawkes Day where people set bonfires in celebration of the English traitor, Guy Fawkes, execution
  • In England, children go door to door saying, “A penny for a guy” instead of “trick or treat”
  • In Ireland, children play a game where coins or candy are placed under playing cards and the child will win each coin or candy that was hiding under the cards
  • In Ireland and parts of the UK, ding-dong-ditching is known as “knock-a-dolly” or “knock-knock-ginger”
  • Nickanan Night is a time before the Christian holiday Lent, when children prank their families and neighbours and minor acts of vandalism
  • Halloween originally came from the Irish and Scottish holiday ,Samhain, where they would set bonfires, dress in animal skin costumes, play games and eat
  • Many people go to Vlad the Impaler’s castle in Romania on Halloween, also known as “Count Dracula’s castle”
  • There is a big Costume Halloween parade in Kawasaki, Japan every year on October 31st
  • A tradition in the Philippines, Pangangaluluwa, is a celebration similar to Samhain, where children will go door to door, in costume, and pray for the spirits of loved ones
  • The people of Poland will travel to their families graves in early November during Dzień Zaduszny( All Soul’s Day)
  • In India, during the Hindu celebration, Pitru Paksha, it is believed that when someone dies the god of death with come and guide their soul to Purgatory, where they will be reunited with their ancestors
  • It is a tradition for people in Austria to leave bread, water and a lamp outside their doors as a way of guiding souls back to earth
  • In Czechoslovakia, it was a tradition to place a chair in front of the fireplace. One for each each living member and one for each dead members spirit.
  • In Germany, people hide their knives out of fear of them being used to harm them by spirits
  • Alla Helgons Dag Is a Swedish holiday celebrated during the 31st of October to the sixth of November. Students are given a day off and adults get shorter work days to celebrate.

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