Did you know #9

Did you know there are around 196 countries in the world as of 2019 and the word’s “country” and “nation” are terms for the word “sovereign state”. A sovereign state is a piece of land that has its own borders, independent government and land. Nearly all these countries are part of the U.N.(United Nations) with only 2 being U.N. observing states. The UN is an intergovernmental organization charged with keeping the peace, security and overall friendly communication between the countries in order to avoid conflict. There are a few non-U.N. states that aren’t fully recognized/apart of the UN, but they do have the recognition of at least one UN member. There are a total of 6 non-U.N. states: Taiwan, Western Sahara, Kosovo, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Northern Cyprus. Non-U.N. states are countries they just aren’t fully recognized or apart of the U.N. making them different from Micronations that aren’t recognized by any sovereign states. (Learn More)

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