Did You Know #10

Did you know that the word vampire was thought to be originated in Serbia? The word “vampire” is a reanimated corpse that leaves its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long canine like teeth. There are many encounters with vampire like creatures through out many different mythologies and belief systems but the origin of the name has been a topic for debate. Many theories have been created and the most common theory is that it came from the 1600s Slavic word “vampir”. However many people believe that “vampir” came from the Old Russian word “upir” or “Upir Lichy” meaning Wicked Vampire. In the 19th century(1800s – 1900s), Franz Miklosich(Slovene philologist) stated that “Upir” came from the Turkish word “uber” meaning Witch. On the other hand many believe it had different origins such as: Serbo-Croatian word “pirati”(to below), the Greek word ” vrykolakas”(an undead creature), the Slavic word “pij” (to drink), the Russian word “netopyr” (bat) and the Romanian creature “strigoi”(a troubled spirit). The origin of the word is still unknown but it has been agreed that it is of Slavic origin. (Learn More)

Did you know #9

Did you know there are around 196 countries in the world as of 2019 and the word’s “country” and “nation” are terms for the word “sovereign state”. A sovereign state is a piece of land that has its own borders, independent government and land. Nearly all these countries are part of the U.N.(United Nations) with only 2 being U.N. observing states. The UN is an intergovernmental organization charged with keeping the peace, security and overall friendly communication between the countries in order to avoid conflict. There are a few non-U.N. states that aren’t fully recognized/apart of the UN, but they do have the recognition of at least one UN member. There are a total of 6 non-U.N. states: Taiwan, Western Sahara, Kosovo, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Northern Cyprus. Non-U.N. states are countries they just aren’t fully recognized or apart of the U.N. making them different from Micronations that aren’t recognized by any sovereign states. (Learn More)

Did You Know #8

Did you know that there is a mental disorder that can cause a person to stop speaking? Selective Mutism(SM) is an anxiety caused disorder that can affect a persons ability to effectively communicate in certain situations. SM is often confused with autism, when in fact it is a complex anxiety disorder. SM is a very rare disorder that only affects 1% of the known population. There are many symptoms to SM such as refusing to speak, not talking when you should(school, work, socializing), social isolation, negativity, being clingy to caregivers, compulsive traits, fear of embarrassment, etc. SM can often be overlooked, especially in children because this behavior can be passed as being “shy”. People with SM may also find other ways to communicate: hand jesters, writing, texting, ASL, etc. Please note that many can confuse SM with being shy. If you think that you or someone you know might have SM, notify a professional to get a proper diagnosis. (video on SM)

Did You know #7

Did you know that it is believed that vampires couldn’t see their reflection in a mirror because of what the mirror was made of? Back in the 1600s mirrors were made of polished obsidian glass or stones made from volcanic rock. Then in the 1800s people started making mirrors out of metals like gold, silver, copper, glass and lead. These are considered pure metals and that they would repelled the supernatural. Since mirrors were made or lined with these metals it would be true that vampires wouldn’t be able to see their reflection. Today, mirrors aren’t made with these materials so technically vampires would be able to see their reflection.

Did you know #6

Did you know, that if you close your eyes and wave your hand in-front of your face, you can still see your hand? This is called Proprioception(also known as Kinaesthesia/the sixth sense), which is the awareness of the position and movement your body is in. Like if you were blindfolded and started moving your arms, you will know where your arms are in space. Even when you are walking, you don’t consciously look at your legs to move. Walking is a sub-conscious thing we do and learn when we are born. Proprioception allows us to do every day tasks such as walking, eating, picking things up and moving in general, but there are certain diseases/disorders that can disrupt this ability.However, these diseases/disorders can cause major problem for those inflicted it is very rare. (Read more) (Kinaesthesia)

Did You Know #5

Did you know that eating burnt food has been shown to be a cause of cancer. Over heating food could cause the formation of cancer causing compounds, such as heterocyclic amines. Heterocyclic aromatic amines is a chemical compound that containing one or more heterocyclic ring and are linked to cancer. They often form when meat/food is cooked at high temperatures by being, fried, grilled, broiled, or cooked for to long. Some health advisors have recommend that toast be eaten at a golden-yellow color than a brown or slightly burnt color. Acrylamide is another cancer causing compound found in burnt toast, various hair dye, cereals, and cigarette smoke. After acrylamide is consumed it turns into glycidamide, which can cause extensive damage to the DNA and cause mutation. There are symptoms to cancer such as lumps/swollen glands, trouble swallowing, blood in the urine, blood not clotting, coughing blood, fever, night sweats and weight loss. Since some of these symptoms can be found in other illnesses(not cancer); if you have some of these symptoms, you should see a doctor for answers. Learn more causes. More symptoms.

Did You Know #4

Did you know that the Russian alphabet has 33 letters and is made up of letters from the Cyrillic script. The Cyrillic script is a writing system used across Eurasia, but more in Eastern Europe. It’s based on the 9th century AD, Early Cryllic alphabet by Preslav Literary School in the First Bulgarian Empire. It also has influence in other alphabets of various languages. An example would be those of Orthodox Slavic origin, or languages influenced by the Russian. The Cryillic alphabet use to be based on the Greek uncial script, but went through heavy alterations in the early 1800s, by Peter the Great. As of 2007, Cyrillic became the third official script of the European Union; Greek and Latin being before it. Over 280 million people use this as their alphabet; half of them being Russian or of Russian descent.

Russian alphabet used today:

  • А – а
  • Б – b
  • В – v
  • Г- g
  • Д – d
  • Е – e / he
  • Ё – ë / yë
  • Ж – zu
  • З – z
  • И- i
  • Й – y
  • К – k
  • Л – l
  • И – m
  • Н -n
  • О – o
  • П – p
  • Р – r (rolled r)
  • С – s
  • Т – t
  • У – u
  • Ф – f
  • Х – h / kh
  • Ц – ts
  • Ч -ch
  • Ш – sh
  • Щ – shch
  • Ъ – “
  • Ы – y
  • Ь – ‘
  • Э – e
  • Ю – yu
  • Я – ya

Did You Know #3

Did you know driving while sleep deprived is just as dangerous as driving drunk or while texting? Sleep deprivation is what happen when you neglect sleep. Without sleep, both mind and body will slow and start to shut down. It can cause physical problems such as: fatigue, daytime sleepiness, weight gain/obesity, higher blood pressure, clumsiness, and aged skin. However, sleep deprivation mostly affects your brain/cognitive functions such as: slower reaction time, affects the mood in negative ways, increase in anxiety, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, and stress. A person that is sleep deprived will also experience “microsleeps”, which is very short periods of sleep while still awake. Many people around the world are affected by sleep deprivation. In the 1900’s the average amount of sleep was 8-9 hours; today the average is 6-7 hours. A test preformed by Sleep Cycle shows the average amount of sleep people in Japan, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, India and The Philippines is less then 7 hours. (Read more about Sleep Deprivation?)