History: Pavlova Cake

The Pavlova cake is a meringue like cake that has a crispy crust, soft inside and is usually topped with fruit and cream. The cake was thought to have been created in honor of a Russian dancer while on tour during the 1920s, in New Zealand and Australia. People often argue the nationality of the dessert. Professor Helen Leach believed it was created in New Zealand and published the book “The Pavlova Story: A Slice of New Zealand’s Culinary History” to reflect this. However, Andrew Wood and Annabelle Utrecht later suggested the idea that it was U.S. dessert that was based on an Austrian dish. People have even traced it back to Germany. Either way, the Pavlova cake is very popular dessert and is often served at many different celebrations in New Zealand and Australia.

Recipe for the Pavlova cake:

  • First set your over to 225 degrees
  • Then you need to beat 6 egg whites till they are very stiff while gradually add 1.5 cups of sugar(After you should be left with this big white thick/fluffy cream like substance)
  • Then you can add 2 tsp of corn flour, 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice(or vinegar), and 1/2 tbsp of vanilla extract; then mix.
  • After everything is well mixed, slow bake it for 1 hour and 15 min. After let it sit in the still warm oven for 30 min.
  • Now transfer the cake to a counter or plate and let it cool.
  • While you wait for it to cool you can make the frosting by beat/whipping cream and sugar together for 2 and half min.
  • Now you can top the cake with the frosting and cut fruit of your choosing.

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