Random Facts #13

  • In Mexico placing two mirrors opposite of each other is considered bad luck because it is said to open a door for the devil
  • Sticking chop sticks straight down in a your food is unlucky in Japan because it resembles the number 4 which can mean death
  • It is bad luck to congratulate someones birthday before the day comes in Russia
  • It is forbidden to whistle indoors in Lithuania because it could summon demons
  • In Germany, cheering with a non-alcoholic beverage(water) is bad because it is a way to with death and misfortune to the people you are drinking with
  • In Japan, if your head faces North while you sleep it is bad luck because that is how they lay there dead to rest. While in Africa it is West.
  • Playing with scissors in Egypt is bad luck.
  • If you step in dog poop in France it is considered good luck as long as it is with your left foot and not your right.
  • Another Russian superstition is that if a bird poops on you or your belongings it is good luck
  • In both Egypt and Italy, owls are signs of misfortune and death
  • It is said that in Iceland knitting outside could prolong winter
  • Getting a hair cut in India on Tuesday can cause bad luck
  • In Russia giving your friend yellow flowers as a gift mean that you could be cursing them with infidelity.
  • Dripping water behind a person is good luck in Serbia
  • Walking backwards in Portugal is bad luck because you are showing the devil which way you’re going
  • In the UK and North America it id good luck to say “Rabbit Rabbit” or “White Rabbit” one the first day of the month.

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