Random Fact #10: Canada

  • In 2009 an apology acts was passed in Canada since an apology could suggest guilt in court.
  • The capital of Canada is Ottawa and the largest city is Toronto
  • Both the English and French played an important roll in Canadian history
  • North American people were believed to have first entered Canada about 14,000 years ago while chasing mammals for food.
  • Canada currency is the Canadian Dollar
  • A two dollar coins are often called “toonie” by Canadian people(one dollar coins are called loonie)
  • Canadians have the stereotype of being very kind, friendly and polite
  • A good portion of Canada population has earned a degree after high school
  • !0% of Canadians have said that they are either vegan or Vegetarian
  • The Vancouver Canucks are professional ice hockey team in a city in British Columbia, Canada(Vancouver)
  • Canadians are sometime referred to as “Canucks”
  • There are many wild Polar bears living in Canada, but it is also home to the large population of Grizzly bears, Black bears, and Kermode bears
  • The lowest temperature recorded in Canada was – 81.4 F or – 63 C
  • Montreal is one of the biggest French speaking cities in Canada; It is second to Paris, France.
  • Poutine and Maple Syrup is popular in Canada along with macaroni and cheese
  • Canada ranks #7 on 2018 Happiness report
  • Ogopogo is a mythical creature that is similar to the Loch Ness
  • The national song of Canada is “O Canada
  • There is an official website Canada.ca

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