Stories #1: About 1:30 AM

It was late at night; about 1:30AM. Rain had been awake for hours. It wasn’t because of the pouring rain or traffic or thunder. No, something else was keeping him awake and he couldn’t figure it out. His room was clean, so that wasn’t it. TV was off with a blanket covering it, all the blinds were closed and he remembered to keep his nightlight on. It was driving him internally crazy; I could sense it. It was another 30 mins before he noticed. He saw me standing in the corner of his room. At first he was scared. I have to admit, it was kind of funny seeing him like that. Big brave Rain was scared of me. I guess it was just lack of proper sleep and shock that induce the sudden spike in fear because it didn’t last long. As soon as he realized what I was and why I was here, he was calm. If your thinking I’m some horrible creature that is torturing this poor boy, your wrong. I’m just here to look after him and inform him if something is amiss. “Is something wrong?” Rain asked. “Did something happen?” “No. . . Nothing happened,” I said.”You are safe. . . However, you are still awake. Why?” “I don’t know,” Rain said looking down. “I think something might be out of place.” “Is that it, child?” I asked. He didn’t respond. He was tired, but couldn’t sleep. I looked around trying to find what it was. Then I realized it. The door opened and Club ran in. He laid next to Rain’s bed and rested his head next to Rains hand. “Now will you sleep?” I asked. Rain lifted his head and nodded slightly before falling asleep. Who would have known such a small thing could cause such a problem. I then continued to watch over Rain as he slept. When morning came I had to fade away; to disappear till the next night.

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