Story of Jack Frost

There once was a boy who was unusually tall and frail. He had pale skin and was born with a white/silvery/grey hair. He was a very sickly child and his mother worried he would die young. Jack despite all his health problem didn’t want to die. There was so much in life he wanted to see, experience and live through. This will to survive and live helped him surpass the odds his mother originally thought were tragic.

One day Jack was walking back from the market place with a small basket of milk, eggs and some sugar his mother wanted. Jack grew tired and sat below a tree. Next to him was a beautiful blue flower that glistened and shone in the sunlight. A small spider was making its web from the flower to the tree and Jack was in awe. Then, out of no where, a white mouse leaped form the tall grass and bumped into Jacks leg. The mouse looked up at the withered giant that it had just ran into with terror and fainted. Jack looked to see what had made the small mouse flee and spotted a ginger cat crouching in the grass. Jack then stood up and started throwing rock at the cat in an attempt to scare the cat away. After the cat had fled, Jack looked down to see the mouse looking back at him in amazement. “Dear mouse,” Jack said smiling kindly. “You can go now, I have scared away the cat and now you can leave.” The mouse just stared at Jack with its big brown eyes and spoke. “Human, thank you for helping me, I wish you a good life and for this I shall grant you one wish, and I promise you, it will come true,” The mouse said bowing. Jack was surprised and thought for a moment. “I wish, dear mouse that you could watch over this flower for me,” Jack said pointing at the blue flower. The mouse was puzzled at Jacks strange request. “Surely you want something else?” the mouse said. “Like you pale skin to be gone, to be average height, or to be well, to get ride of your illness?” Jack shook his head and the mouse agreed to watch over and protect the flower from the coming winter. When Jack returned to the tree one morning covered in a thick coat, scarf and hat, he saw the mouse by the flower. Some snow had started to piled on one of the petals and the mouse brushed it off. “Thank you little mouse,” Jack said with the same grateful smile. The mouse smiled back happily. “Human, I have done as you wish, now may you grant MY wish?” the mouse asked. “I wish Human for two things, first, to tell me your name. Second, to take this flower and give it to the first human girl you see, after you marry and have children, I will return to this tree and wait for you. After you shall bring the flowers seeds and give them to me.” Jack nodded and followed the mouses request. He told the mouse his name was Jack Frost, then pick the pretty blue flower and walked to the village square. He knew who he was going to give the flower to. There was a girl with long blond hair, big blue eyes and a pretty face that live just down the street fro him. He wandered up to her and handed her the blue flower and she smiled back. After a few year they married and had three children. Jack then returned to the tree where he saw the mouse waiting for him not forgetting his promise. He carried twenty seeds his wife had given him in his hand. Jack crouched down to see the mouse and place the seeds down by the mouses feet. after sniffing the seeds for a second the mouse smiled at him. “Jack Frost,” The mouse said.” You now have children, a wife you have live a long happy life with and now I must take all these seeds but one. That one I will give to you.” After that the mouse gathered all the seed and leaped back into the tall grass, leaving Jack with one of the seeds. Jack picked up the seed and it had cracked open to see a wave of a beautiful blue sparkles and dust. Jack started to sneeze and cough as he then collapsed to the ground. Jack woke to find his wife and children. His wife was dabbing his head with a damp towel and the children staring at him from the foot of the bed. His wife told him that the baker had found him lying under the tree and that he had fall very, very ill. Jack had died a little while later. As he passed on he felt a cold breeze of the seed the mouse had gave him and returned as a spirit that now covers the ground in the cold and frost each winter. Later it was found that the mouse had planted the other seeds and they instead grew into white tilting flowers now referred to as the Snow-drop.

The Axeman of New Orleans

The Axeman of the New Orleans was a serial killer that claimed the lives of 6 people. The Axeman ran rampant through the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, Gretna and many other surrounding communities through out a year(1918-1919). The killer got the name “The Axeman” because he always seemed to use an axe or razor in his killing. The murder weapons also weren’t one the killer brought, but they were the victims. A pattern the killer often fallowed was that at night the panel on the victims door would be removed and placed near the door. After that the killer would enter the house and attack the residents. Criminologists at the time had many theories of who the killer was and the motive for killing in such a brutal fashion. It went from the killer being a sexist to a sadist to even being part of the Mafia. The Axemans attacks were so frequent and random, that people started playing jazz music in their homes to avoid a visit from the killer(On the Axemans request). The Axeman had 12 victims but out of all of them only 6 died from their injury’s, while the rest were left injured. Even though 6 people were fortunate to survive, none of them could give a definite description of their attacker. The night of October 27, 1919 was the last reported case of The Axeman killings. The Axeman has remain to this day a mystery as his identity and motives were never found. (Learn More?) (Video by Unsolved)

Stories #3 (poems)

(Backstory: We found an assignment from when we were in about 3rd or 4th grade. The assignment was we had to write a poem with some kind of theme. We found a rough draft with different poems. We are open to criticism, just remember we were 8.)

Poem #1 (theme: Winter)

The water on the lake shivered as Winter’s breeze came, It stayed so it could play as children do on Summer’s day’s. Icicles formed as is came, Vanished as it went away.

Poem #2 (theme: Unknown)

Tik-Tok sings a broken Clock, Hands locked, roads blocked, Time Stopped. Days lost to the setting sun. . . No fun. Minds fight, try as they might, Darkness accompanies the night. So take flight, loss the endless fight, Say Goodnight.

“You’ll be alright”

Story #2: What monster?

It was one of those extremely sunny days today. So bright that it seemed like the sun wanted to blind you. It had been a while since I had been outside, so it was brighter for me. It was about noon when I left for the nearby village and 30 min’s past when I arrived. I had to pick up a few basic supplies; plus, I kind of needed the sunlight. I guess it took longer than I thought it would because before I knew it the sun was setting. The only thing I forgot was to get a new blanket, but everything was closing up early. Just my luck. I had gotten most of the things I needed already so it wasn’t to big of a problem. Watching all the people walking around at night seemed nice, and they started to disappear the further I walked away. Sometime passed and I finally made it back to my cave in the woods; I was so tired. I had a headache so I tried going to sleep. I missed the old times before I started doing this. It was so boring doing this over and over again. It was so much brighter before. I wasn’t always alone or so weak that just carrying supplies was enough to wipe me out. I remember a time when I would see people running to their homes the second the sun started to disappear. The night would be filled with the sounds of people hurrying to their home, doors locking and curtains being drawn. Then there would be silence. No more sounds of locking doors or people running; just silence. The people were afraid of nightfall and I never could understand why. I knew that there was something big hiding in the wood. Something big, with large teeth and claws. A very big wolf, but this was a nice wolf that has been by my side for so long. We would always play games after dark and practice hunting. It was fun, until they decided that they didn’t wan’t it to look after me anymore. My friend however, wouldn’t give up so easily to them, so they used violence to persuade her. Then everything just blurred together and faded. Lost, but far from forgotten.

(To be continued?)