Random Facts #12

  • Since a black hole’s gravitational pull is so strong that even light can’t escape, black holes would technically be invisible to people
  • Bone is five times stronger than mild steel
  • In 2012 over 1.3 billion people lived in China making it the country with the largest population
  • In China, if your grandparents are over 60, you have to by law, visit them
  • There are 54 countries in Africa
  • BMW is a German car company
  • The largest number in the world is a Googleplexian(1 followed by 100 zeros)
  • There are 9 different time zones in Russia
  • The first satellite was launch by the Soviet Union during the Cold War in 1957
  • The Cold War lasted from 1947-1991(44 years), but there was never any direct military conflict between the Soviet Union and the U.S.A.
  • Caffeine is considered a drug since it stimulates your body and gives you an energy boost
  • Sleep deprivation can cause a person to experience mood swings and memory lost
  • The creators of the Angry Birds app are from Finland
  • Canada is rich in zinc, nickel, lead and gold
  • Pesäpallo is the national sport of Finland
  • The country of Czechoslovakia split in 1993, becoming the countries of Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • French is the second most studied language in the world
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece, and Georgia share borders with Turkey
  • Troy was located in northwest coast of modern day Turkey
  • The Ukraine is the largest country in Europe(233,062 mi²)
  • Keiv is the capital city of Ukraine and around 2.8 million people made their home there

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