Random Facts #4: Micro-nations

  • Micro-nations are self-declared independent states that want to become countries through legal loopholes.
  • There are 7 micro-nation in the U.S. with their own flags, passports, stamps, and government system.
  • Once a micro-nation is recognized by a few sovereign states they are no longer considered micro-nations.
  • Sealand is sometime described as the smallest country, but hasn’t actually been recognized by any sovereign state.
  • The micro-nation, Sealand, is actually a WW2 anti-aircraft platform in the North Sea.
  • The difference between micro-nation and micro-states is that micro-states are very small pieces of land that are recognized as countries.
  • There are about 82-84 micro-nation.
  • Ladonia is a micro-nation in Sweden, created in 1980 by artist Lars Vilks.
  • The Queen of Ladonia has a twitter account.

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