History: Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears are a colorful, fruit flavored, gelatin based candies sold in stores around the world. They are traditionally made from sugar, starch, flavoring, food coloring, citric acid, glucose syrup and gelatin. They originated in Germany by Hans Riegel Sr. in the 19th century. He started the company of Haribo in 1920 and created the gummy bears in 1922. The company started off well, but was greatly effected by the start of WW2. Unfortunately, Riegel died during the war and his two sons were captured by the Allied Forces; to be released later on. After all this, the company of Haribo continued to grow into the company seen today. Since the 1920’s the Haribo company has created other gummy products, such as the gummy worms and gummy rings; however the gummy bear will remain a main treat for all ages in Germany.

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