Did You Know #2

Did you know there is a rare condition that prevents a person from having properly functioning “mind’s eyes”. This mean that the person being affected by this condition is not able to visualizes anything on command. It’s call Aphantasia and affect 1 – 3 percent of people. A person with Aphantasia won’t be able to pull up an mental image of something as easily as someone without Aphantasia. Read more about Aphantasia?

Random Facts #2

  • Solanum Lycopersicum is another name for a tomato
  • No country owns Antarctica
  • Russian and the U.S. borders at their closest are less then 2 miles apart
  • Austria was the first country to use postcards
  • Canada is a word from the Indian language, Laurentian, meaning “Village”
  • triskaidekaphobia ia a fear of the number 13
  • The creature that kills the most people yearly is the mosquito

History: Winter War

The winter war was a fight between the Soviet Union and Finland during WW2. It started the 30 of November 1939; only 3 month after WW2 started. It lasted three and a half months and ended 13 March 1940 with the Moscow Peace Treaty. The war started because the Soviets wanted Finnish territory in exchange for land elsewhere. However Finland refused and USSR invaded the country. There were many casualties during the war and at least 80,000 lost on both sides. After the Moscow Peace Treaty was signed, Finland relinquished 11% of its territory. After, Finland was able to retain its Sovereignty and enhanced international reputation. Unfortunately, the bad performance of the Red Army, made Nazi leader Adolf Hitler think attacking them would be successful; also known as Operation Barbarossa. This failed and the USSR ended up joining the Allies in WW2.

Riddle #1

Imagine you are in a boat. The boat is broken and is filling with water. There is an island that you could swim to, but there is a big shark circling your sinking boat. It looks like it wants to eat you as soon as your boats gone. There is no way to out swim it and you don’t have anything with you. How do you escape unharmed?

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Random Facts #1: potatoes

The potato is a vegetable from the nightshade family. The potato was first introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the 16th century; however it is believed to have been domesticated independently in multiple locations. Also raw uncooked potatoes contains the toxin solanine, which is a  glycoalkaloid poison found in the nightshade family within the genus solanum. It has pesticidal properties making it a main defense for plants from insects.

Did You Know

Did you know, that scientists have estimated there are 8.7 million species of living creatures on earth? Out of 8.7 million species only 1.3 million have been identified. It is also said that about 150-200 species of animals, plants, insects, and mammals go extinct every day. Counter that, scientists have also discover new species (animals, plants, insects, etc.) every day. Yearly, it is said that scientists discover about around 18,000 new species unknown to humanity before. Such a cave beetle (Xuedytes Bellus) that was found in China last year (2018).